Concrete is a weatherproof, durable and versatile material that is used for making different forms of garden ornaments. This material is man-made and comprises of a mixture of water, sand and concrete cement mix. Aggregates are also included at times to provide a different effect. The speciality about concrete is that it is long lasting.

The Significance of Garden Ornaments

Concrete Garden Ornaments in Melbourne are in great demand as it offers a garden with a complimentary and stylish finish. It is done through a simple process. Molds made of rubber are designed for incorporating the design of the ornament after which the concrete is mixed and poured carefully into the mold. This mold is left dry for 48 hours till it is set hard. For speeding up the process of drying some manufacturers use big industrial air driers or fire it in a kiln. Concrete garden ornaments are an extremely popular item in landscaped gardens. With concrete pots offering a plethora of benefits the finish and design of the ornaments automatically are broad in range.

The Craze for Concrete Garden Pots

Amid the different types of concrete garden ornaments it is the concrete garden pots in Melbourne that is extremely popular. And why not these pots can help in creating a magical setting as well as offer the garden with a stunning feature. Your selection of pots is crucial as it will help in influencing the cost, upkeep and look of the garden for many years to come. Concrete pots are a favorite and for reasons good. Along with being affordable and beautiful these garden pots are ideal for the physiological needs of the plant. Below are some of the reasons that led to the growing craze for concrete over terracotta pots in Melbourne. These include,

Durability- This material is durable and strong and as opposed to plastic or wooden pots it will not get brittle or rot with time but will last for years. Because concrete is a heavy material so there are less chances of it getting knocked down via Lawnmowers, pets or kids or blown over through the wind. Most importantly concrete pots will not get damaged by humidity or prolonged rain.


Size- Bigger plants like shrubs and trees need big containers to offer adequate space to the root systems to grow. Concrete pots come in big sizes which are enough strong to hold the large roots. While planting vegetables, herbs, smaller plants or flowers having a big pot means lesser chance of root crowding and higher moisture conservation within the soil.


Insulation-Owing to their lighter WasteWater Treatment Equipment Manufacturers color and thickness, concrete pots will help in protecting the soil especially from temperature fluctuations. Pots that have a darker shade are likely in drawing in heat, thereby damaging the roots right away and causing dryness in the soil especially in sunny, hot climates.


Decoration- The best part about concrete is that it can be painted or stained for creating assorted decorative effects. This, if left bare will help in developing a mossy, aged appearance for that classic, natural look. As opposed to a plastic pot, concrete pots have decorative elements. To enjoy a customized look, add mosaic tiles, especially in the outer surface and see how it pops out.


Along with concrete garden ornaments, especially pots, the demand for artificial plants in Melbourne are also on the rise for the different benefits that it offers.